(born in 1975) - he lives in Gdynia.

Graduated from architecture at the Gdansk Institute of Technology. Since 1995 he creates performances, video-performances, video and experimental music, joining together audiovisual techniques with philosophy. He makes films and television productions, working as a journalist and cameraman.

Since 1997 he cooperates with gallery "Spiż 7" in Gdansk, realising his own exhibitions as well as taking part in different projects. In 2000 cooperation with Marek Rogulski - the runner of "Spiż 7" gallery gave him the opportunity to participate in the project called Beyond Postmodernism as a participator and co-organisator of exhibitions. Within the frames of that project he realised the following videos: Element, Meditations and Walk as well as performance Thirty.

Between 1998 and 2000 he cooperated with Mazzoll and Robert Knuth. Under the label of their group "Diffusion Ensemble" during stage Diffusions he realised his sound fascinations joined them with a performance. He also gave concerts with Mazzoll's "Arhytmic Perfection". Musical effects that he used are known under the name "preparka" ("preparing"), which means sound space creating live without using instruments. In his musical activities he still develops that kind of music.

In 2002 Dominik Lejman invited him to cooperation during the preparation of video projects and he is responsible for the technological aspects of those realisations. He cooproduced such projects as: Dziecięce utopie (Children's Utopias, 2003), Delaying FaÁade (2004), Oddychacjąca katedra (Breathing Cathedral, 2005) and Ostatni gasi światło (Last One Put the Lights Off, 2006).

In 2003 together with Krzysztof Tomaszewski (known as Zambari) he found the group of electronic improvisations called Z^2 [Zet Square]. They invite to cooperation different artists playing both traditional instruments and the electronic devices. Experimental character of the group provides the opportunity for musical research on many fields.

In his art he puts special accent on the process itself in which the consecutive realisations form a continuity of his personal development. In his project entitled Element I, II, III he proved that technique besides developing of the external world can also help man in developing of his own consciousness. In other projects like Pyramid and Mandala that are due to the Element he examines in what way the individual builds and improves the civilisation through the progress of one's own consciousness. He creates "laboratory art" that he treats as a research range on which he works on new goals, values and meanings. Through his activities and realisations he checks, proves and confronts different thesis poses by him, treating art as a one of many tools in the process that transports the civilisation into the other dimensions. He states that civilisation is going to change itself into the model of technological society. In that upcoming model of society, which we probably even cannot imagine and may only instinctively anticipate its shape, that what we today call religion, philosophy, science and art will give the material presence of human being on earth and in space a new shape. Another point is that the kernel of the process of transformation of civilization, besides technological improvement, lays in developing of consciousness of the individual, which together with others forms society.

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