Marek Zygmunt’s The thirty performance
            Marek Zygmunt (born in 1975) belongs to the youngest generation of Polish video artists who are also engaged with a performance. He has began his artistic activity with Mazzoll and then with Knuth & Mazzoll’s Diffusion Ensemble. At the same time he associated with Spi¿ 7 gallery, where he has been taking part in Marek Rogulski’s project Beyond Postmodernism since 2000. During the last years on a few exhibitions Marek Zygmunt has been presenting meditationally–symbolic video art Element I, II and III, that amaze originality of order and sophisticated simplicity of realization. In this respect they belong to the exceptional works on an artistic map of Poland, excellently referring to Andrzej Dudek–Dürer  and Zygmunt Rytka video activities.
            During the present exhibition the artist will present The thirty performance. Meditating, insensitive to experiences from outer world, dressed in dark glasses and protected by music from discman, he will be waiting for reactions of an audience that may try to disturb him in his performance. That will also be checking his own mind and concentration. This is how Marek Zygmunt will try to deepen a basic question about the meditation – “cleaning” the mind. Minimalism and symbolic using of means become the essential features of his style. This way he also wants to become a new creator of the art, who is to present his own determined view to society, consciously using the achievements of the newest digitally-virtual civilization, in which traditional contradictions between an art and a technique disappear.
                                                                                            Krzysztof Jurecki


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