The first realisation named „Element” is observation.
The analysis of the real state, concerning methods of consciousness’ evolution through the meditation. Buddhism ascertains the possibility to attain absolute perfection – the state of Buddha – in the process of learning and striving for spiritual aspect of ego. It is connected with getting rid of physical form of karma and finally with fading away in the universe. 
So let’s say that „Element” comments the compromise between physicality and spirituality – on my path of progression of ego.
Marek Zygmunt

...”Element I” appeal to techniques of meditation. It presents the author sitting on the .bottom of the swimming-pool, in the contemplative position. (...) the projection is accompanied by the underwater sound and delicate tones, which are just which may be associated with meditative ceremony. The moment of the „transition” is interrupted once in a while. The author has to come the surface to have a breath of fresh air – the essential necessity. Marek Zygmunt in his work reminds us about the needs of the body. The attainment of balance is impossible without compromise between the physical and spiritual levels.
Sebastian Wisłocki „Gazeta Wyborcza” 26th April 2000


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