„Element II” is a postulate and my statement:
If for a single moment we can overcome our physical state and in this way perfect ourselves, so because of the technology we can as well take one step forward in the evolution of our spirit. It means a ‘step into higher state of consciousness’. The technology (civilization) allows us to make new methods of human’s evolution. Every element of technology interferes with the human being. It gives him new possibilities of evolution and controlling internal and external space. There is no more division of civilization on to three motive powers such as science, philosophy and religion. They have all reached the same level of valuation, equally responding to the need of transcendental nature of human’s soul. They altogether respond for the needs of transcendental soul. It is proven by the present scientific research, saying that there has to exist the fragmentary border limit of civilization’s evolution.
Marek Zygmunt 

„Element II” continues and develops the perceptive used in the first exhibition of „Beyond Postmodernism” series. (...) In his second work the author uses technological improvement, which means „mental” improvement. It lets him realize his own experience without the necessity of stoping it for the purpose of catching the breath) (...).

Marek Rogulski „Poczta Życia na fali” 28th June 2000


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