„Element III” is the realization.
If in „Element II” I declared that civilization allows the evolution in every area of consciousness, we have need then to ask in what way? If I say that the evolution of civilization is positive, so I should also explain why.
My next underwater meditation uses the same formal methods as the previous ones. This time however is the video with the water reservoir and with a person submerged in it is not the real event, as in case of the „Element I” and „Element II”. This time the video is generated by the computer. The projection is accompanied by the same sound. There is also water – the attribute of satisfaction material part of ego.
This work summarizes and closes all realizations of Element.
Marek Zygmunt

In „Element III” the author reaches the final conclusion about the identical unification and about the achievement of the complete consciousness. We watch the artist who fades away in the water. It is made by the computer trick. Using the performance, the author invited us to dissolve in the ocean of consciousness. Everyone in the gallery got the cup full of water. It was like „consciously communion”
Sebastian Wisłocki „Gazeta Wyborcza” 23rd November 2000


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